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Nina Beranek + Markus Jurt
Die Anders.Denker GmbH
CH 3652 Hilterfingen

use of pictures and other material created by Holamundo


Use of Holamundo picture material (photo + video)
Our picture material (photo material and also video material) may not be used without written consent and admission. The use of our images is subject to license and the copyright is 100% owned by HOLAMUNDO, which prohibits free use.

Included here is also the commercial use of our material, no matter where, e.g. on websites, in magazines, TV, social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Co., or other platforms and media!

Of course we make our picture material, i.e. photo and video material, available for a fee, e.g. for websites, magazines, social media appearances, PR campaigns, TV contributions etc.. The price / invoice amount is based on average and customary market prices.

Prices for the use of our picture material (photo) follow as an example
Image fee - online use (photo):

  • Use with picture credit at, or on Instagram or even matching picture credit, depending on the respective (social media) platform: 100,- CHF

  • Without picture credit: 150,- CHF

  • Purchase of more than 5 photos: 20% discount on overall price.

The right of use applies only to the buyer and is fixed at 1 year, unless otherwise defined. Longer-term right of use or unlimited period of use are also possible.

For pictures on which we are personally in the center or are to be seen, other picture fees apply. Fees for video material on request. If you are interested in picture material (photo / video), please 
contact us.

It is also possible to create exclusive content directly for your company, your appearances and various purposes. Here, too, 
contact us. We are looking forward to the upcoming contact and cooperation.

Unauthorized Use / Usage
In case of completely unsolicited use and thus unauthorized use of our image material, an invoice will be issued for the above license prices (photo), plus 100% surcharge, for the unauthorized use.

Use of our image material on Facebook/Instagram
Normal shares via the integrated parts/share function on Facebook are excluded.

However, the use on Instagram is not meant here and therefore not permitted.
The Instagram app does not offer any function for "reposting content", as is the case with Facebook or Twitter, for example. From a legal point of view, picture material (whether photo or video) may not be shared unsolicited. Also, this is not covered in the terms and conditions of Instagram. The publication of third-party content is therefore subject to copyright infringement and may result in legal action. Unfortunately, we see again and again that channels hardly use their own content or none at all, but consist completely of foreign images and want to build up a large reach through the works and work of other people and companies. The use for such purposes is also not allowed here, without prior agreement and the OK for use.

Unauthorized distribution and reproduction of any other works
Of course, the distribution / duplication of our texts, is not allowed without prior agreement. Any use outside the limits of the copyright law, without written consent, is prohibited and punishable by law. This applies in particular to reproduction, translation, microfilming, modification, resale and processing in electronic systems.

We therefore ask you to 
contact us before using image material or any other.

Holamundo is a brand of "Die Anders.Denker GmbH".

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