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Casa Holamundo

Holamundo on youtube

Since 2022 we are also vlogging. You can find our videos on our YOUTUBE channel. In our videos we share different aspects of our life in Switzerland.

  • You will find our travel adventures around Switzerland - some well known destinations and many really off the beaten path trips!

  • We share our experience with buying a house in Switzerland (and renovating it!) 

  • We will cook some vegan delicacies together and try to show you the swiss cuisine - well, the vegan and healthy version of it

  • We will bring you to some spiritual places and holy sites

  • AND: a great project is waiting to be realised in our life - and we will take you with us by filming it in many episodes....

Come with us on a beautiful ride through Switzerland and follow us on youtube

Holamundo close and personal

Holamundo close and personal

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