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The path is made by walking

a spiritual, vegan couple travelling the world





Who are we



We are Nina and Markus, a spiritual, vegan couple living in Switzerland and being incurably infected with the travel bug. Whenever possible, we pack our backpacks and travel around the globe. 

We travel independently and wild prefering guesthouses, small AirBnB appartments or our tent to a backpacker hostel. We define luxury as being a clean bed, a shower, great nature and fresh vegan food. Real luxury is when the shower is even hot - but that is not always necessary. 

Currently we travel as often as we can with our spiritual master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. It is not always possible as he is constantly travelling and we have to work. But from now and then we go on a pilgrimage with him or travel to places where he gives Darshan (personal blessing).

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