"The path is made by walking"

Holamundo was born when we had decided to make a round-the-world-trip for 1 year. Around the southern hemisphere was our planned route - and when we told our family they were shocked. So we gave our "baby" a name and called it "Holamundo". We created a blog named Holamundo and this website. Like this our family calmed a bit down as they could follow us all around the world. To be honest, they were more up-to-date about our lifes than before.


In the "trips" section you can find our travel reports with many links to our blogs on travelblog. For more pictures, you can also visit the "picture" section. We are happy you pay us a visit - feel free to browse and ask us questions. You can reach us via correo@holamundo.ch.


Happy travels and much love,


Nina & Mark


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