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Croatia - Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site overrun by tourists

On our last day we wanted to visit another "new" place in Croatia. Well, new for us. After 3 days in Split and 1 day on Solta we were eager to see some more of the country. We decided to go to Trogir. Somehow, enjoying the closeness to the sea we did not feel like taking a public bus to reach Trogir. This is possible and cheap. But there are also boats sailing there. These are small public ferries, also cheap. That was the way to go for us!

arriving by boat in Trogir

Tiredly we made our way in the early morning (there are not many ferries sailing per day - so we had to get up early) to the Riva in Split where we got on the boat. We made ourselves comfortable on the top deck. The sun was already burning down at 9am, but we were prepared with sunscreen and hats. It was a wonderful and pleasant boat trip. After leaving Split harbour we sailed along the Marjan Peninsula with its beautiful beaches. Then we crossed over to Slatine. This has perfect beaches and looked like a peaceful holiday-beach-destination close to the city. After a bit more than 1 hour passing by the beautiful coastline we reached Trogir. Arriving at Trogir from the seaside is really awarding. The old town is perfectly situated on a little island and in the back you can see the mountains. It was really kitschy and we loved the place immediately. We walked over the bridge to the old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the morning the seaside walk was peaceful and empty. There were only few people sitting in one of the many restaurants and cafes. We just enjoyed the atmosphere and the peace and walked all the way to the end of the island to Fort Kamerlengo. From there we just got lost in the many little streets of the old town. They are amazing. The only downside - they are packed with tourist shops and tourists after noon. The whole town only lives of tourists. It is so beautiful, but there were too many annoying and loud tour groups and too many waiters trying to pull you into one of the restaurants. Finally we found a nice and quiet cafe, sat down and just abserved the hassle. As Trogir can easily be visited in 1/2 day, we took a boat back to Split at around 2pm. Back in Split we went to one of the beaches around Marjan and enjoyed a few hours swimming, sleeping and dreaming.

Our short time in Croatia was over much too fast. We were positively surprised by the country and would like to come back for some more island hopping and some tours around the mountains. But this will have to wait. First, we have some other plans......

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