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India - relaxing in Goa at Agonda Beach

We left Vrindavan in the early evening by car. We found a special price for a taxi, so it was cheap - and fast. From Vrindavan to Delhi airport, it is not really a delight to travel this passage by public transport. So in the end, we ended up cheaper with the car, we think.

Agonda Beach, for us the most beautiful beach in India we know

We had a bit of a stupid flight. At 11pm we flew to Mumbai. There we had 4,5 hours to sleep on the airport and then we caught an early flight to Goa. It was the cheapest flight and we saved a night somewhere! Good deal. The bad thing was, that Markus was really feeling sick and also I, Nina, had some minor troubles with my stomach (but nothing serious). Ones we hit the ground in Goa, stepped out of the plane into the warm sun in the early morning, we already felt much better. It was nearly another 2 hours till we reached our final destination, Agonda.

exploring the south end of Agonda Beach

I, Nina, had spend 2 weeks on this beautiful beach last year. And after the eventful time in Vrindavan, this was exactly what we needed: nature, peace, lots of sleep, time for meditation, warm weather and safe food. We had prebooked our little beach hut. And it turned out that OM Sai Beach Huts in the north were the big deal. It was superclean, everyone was very friendly and attentive and it was the most peaceful accomodation we have ever been to. We checked in, left our luggage and went immediately to the beach front restaurant. Markus, who was very sceptical about the last year experience in northern Goa (he did not come with me to Agonda last year), was happy. This is a beach he likes! I was also lucky, because a grumpy husband would not have been a choice ;-). We ordered a light breakfast. And afterwards we felt so much better! Sickness was nearly gone, we were just really tired. So we unpacked our stuff and settled down on our lovely terrasse facing the beautiful garden (we could even see the sea from the terrasse!). Quickly we fell asleep for some time. After a couple of hours, I showed Markus around "downtown" Agonda, we bought some fresh fruits, lots of water and enjoyed a long swim in the sea followed by a stunning sunset, a hot shower and a delicious and romantic dinner at the Seabreeze Restaurant which belongs to the OM Sai Beach Huts. It is such a lovely, chilled place. No music, only quiet guests. So it was just the sound of the sea and the wind in the palm trees that accompanied us for dinner and during the whole night.

Cola Beach

We spend our next days in Agonda lazy. Every morning we woke up at 7am to do a long meditation on the beach followed by a morning swim. Than it was a long and relaxed breakfast. Afterwards, it was walking time. Once, we went to the southern part of the beach and climbed in the rich from where we could descend to a small, cosy little beach. There are great viewpoints, but unfortunately we got eaten up by mosquitoes. Another day we walked from the northern end of the beach up to the Cattai Cottages and on top of the hill further north to Cola Beach. It was a 30 minutes walk. Cola Beach is a very scenic beach. It is a bit rough for swimming as there are strong currents. But we walked all along the beach and simply enjoyed it. There is a lot of construction going on at Cola Beach, but still is is really remote and there are not many people around. So it was just another perfect day on the beach. On our last day in Agonda, we were even lucky: the ATM was filled up and after only 30 minutes of waiting we got some cash!

too funny to observe this indian guy :-)

On our last night we had a very funny event coming up. All day long there had been some construction work going on at our cottages (it was quiet, so it did not affect us). And in the evening, everyone from the stuff proudly told us that they will make a nice bonfire for the guests. Right after sunset, the bonfire started. They made a hole in the sand and loaded some wood inside. It was really lovely. The darker it got, the funnier was the "wood" they through into the fire. Some parts of some cottages, some old cupboards (or whatever it was). I think even some waste ended up in there. From some parts the flames were becoming huge, other parts made a bit of a strange smell. Well, in the end, the bonfire had a bit of a pinkish glow. On one hand it made us laugh, as everyone was so proud of the beautiful bonfire. The guys of the restaurant looked at Markus smiling "we have lot of stock, mister". Hahahaha, yes, we are sure, India has a lot of rubbish to burn ;-). On the other hand it is sad for the environment (and the smell everybody breathed in). But this is India!

Much to fast our days in our own little paradies came to an end. It was the best idea we had for a long time to come here after the turbulent but amazing days in Vrindavan. We could "digest" what has happened in Vrindavan in a tranquil and nice way, recharge our batteries, sleep enough and enjoy the warmth!

If you want to have a quiet time on the beach, Agonda is the place to go in India. It is so peaceful. Still, for both of us, India is not really a beach destination. Beaches in the Southeast Asia are by far more attractive. But Agonda gives you a pleasant break from the sometimes rough time a traveller has to face in India.

Off to our last destination for this trip....

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