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Italy - Super sunny days in the Dolomites: Alleghe, Val di Zoldo, 5 Torri, Arabba, Marmolada

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As every year, we spent some days in the Dolomites around the first days of april. Well, old traditions should not be broken.... even though our travel budget was fairly low after the Asia trip.

Cinque Torri

We nearly had to stop our plans as Nina broke a toe only 2 weeks before. But we went anyway ignoring the thick, painful and colourful something. If you want something, there is always a way to reach it. Finally we arrived in our lovely small hotel Cesa Padon in Livinalongo. It was very quite and food was simply perfect - a real oasis to relax for a few days. We spent a day skiing and riding on our favourite slopes of the Civetta ski area, we went around the Sella and enjoyed great views from the top of the glacier Marmolada. We even discovered a new ski area: 5 Torri which is quite small but offers a beautiful landscape. Within the 7 days we only had 1/2 day of bad weather. The rest was pure sunshine and 15 degrees or more. Therefore, the snow was quite wet and heavy. But as there were very few people, the slopes were in perfect condition. Every late afternoon we enjoyed our Spritz in the sun. Life is simply perfect and the Dolomites are a perfect place to enjoy it.

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