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Malaysia - our first visit to Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We arrived quite late in KL after a cheap flight from Borneo (thanks to Air Asia). We checked in in our guesthouse and went out for a late night snack at an indian restaurant. After a good nights sleep I woke up with horrible ear pain which reminded me of my childhood.

KL Chinatown

Nevertheless we started our sightseeing of KL. We walked along the Bintang Walk in Bukit Bintang, went to the lively Imbi Market and visited the Craft Center. Then I gave up. I could not stand the pain anymore - I had to go to hospital (it was sunday). After 1,5 hours of wait I was treated in a chinese hospital in Malaysia by an indian doctor. Beside feeling really sick that was an interesting experience. He gave me lots of pills and antibiotics for the ear infection (which he considered quite bad). The next day I also had a terrible cold but at least the pain was mainly gone (thanks to the pills).

cheaky bird wants to steal food in the Birdpark Café

Slowly we continued the sightseeing. We went to the Central Market, Merdeka and walked along chinatown. Not to be missed, of course, the twin towers and the KL tower. To be fit enough for travelling we extended our stay in KL (we stay now 4 nights here) and changed our plans. Originally, we had planned to go to the Perhentian Islands for a week for snorkelling. But as this is an absolute "no go" for me, we go up north to visit southern Thailand. Nevertheless, KL is a great city with a lot of atmosphere and we really enjoy staying here.

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