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Malaysia - meeting a Facebook friend in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)

After our time in Brunei our next destination was Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. The only question was - how we could get there. We finally decided to take the speeboat via Labuan, even though I really do hate speedboats. But the bus was too expensive.

meeting Serena in KK

Dev, a friend of Ignatius from Bandar, took us to the ferry terminal in Muara. On the boat we got to know 4 friendly und funny bruneian girls who were on a shopping trip to Labuan. Furtheron, we took another speedboat to Menumbok.

island of Mamutik

On this boat we got to know a couple from KK who offered us a free lift to KK. They even invited us for dinner in Papar. It was amazing! They have been incredibly friendly and helpful. They even suggested us a very nice guesthouse where we stayed for 4 nights. Sometimes travelling can be this easy! KK itself is not a really pretty but interesting and modern city. But we spend 2 days walking around the center, organising our ongoing journey and spending 1 day on the small island of Mamutik for snorkelling. The reef is not in the best condition, but we saw a huge snake and some impressive stingrays. But our highlight in KK was the meeting with Serena. She is a Facebook friend of Markus by accident. Markus first thought she was someone else. We took the chance to meet her. It was so nice and we finally spend 2 nights together, talking a lot and going to very nice local restaurants. Thank you so much for showing us around, Serena. We enjoyed it very much and we already do miss you. We hope to see you again one day! Our next destination: the deep jungle of Sabah!

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