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Thailand - stopping in Phi-Lo to work

The main reason I stopped in Phitsanulok, or Phi-lo, how it is called here, was that I needed reliable Internet access to work a bit. That is your destiny when you run your own company - sometimes you cannot avoid to work a bit even while travelling. But the trip has to be paid nonetheless. But after a long evening and a short night I was ready to look around the city a bit. In the morning I got some cheap fresh fruits from a stand near the hotel and started with a visit of the folk museum. I am not so much into museums but this one was quite interesting which lots of information about live and work of the "old" thais. I highly recommended it!

by train to Phitsanulok

I continued with a stop at the Buddha Casting Factory which is just down the road from the folk museum. Here you can see how buddha statues are manufactured in all sizes. That was also very impressive. As bus number 8 brings you from the city to the buddha factory I thought if I take bus number 8 in the other directions I will reach the city center again. Well, in Phi-lo, this is different. I ended up outside the city at the bus terminal. At least I knew where I was and realised that it was not very far to walk to my next point of interest, the 3 wats in Phi-lo. Well, it was a bit strange to walk on the highway coming along huge banks, wholesale companies and a lot of other industries. But finally I made it and arrived safely at the wats along the Nan river: Wat Nang Phaya, Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat and on the other side of the road Wat Ratcha Burana. I walked around the wats which were really beautiful and sat down on a terrasse overlooking the river. I enjoyed the nice views and the sun when suddenly a group of female students came over and asked me for an interview. They were studying english at university and wanted to make an interview with a tourist. How lucky were they as I was by far the only tourist that day! Well, it was good fun especially when we had to repeat the whole interview - the student filming pressed the wrong button on the smartphone in the beginning.

interview time with locals

Afterwards I went back to town in search of something to eat. On the nightmarket it was not possible to sit down for your meal and as I was terribly tired, I looked for place where I could sit. My travelguide suggests some great curry restaurants around the corner of my hotel - but I could not find anything. I finally ended up in a chineses foodhall and had a nice fried rice with chicken and veggies. Then I returned to the hotel to check how I could reach Sukhothai the following day and I needed to book my bed. As it is high season at the moment it is nearly impossible to find a decent room for a cheap price without booking ahead. Well, not my favourite way to travel. I prefer to just walk in and see the room first. But I heard "fully booked" to often so far that I better book ahead. Next stop: Sukhothai.

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