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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and the end of our honeymoon

We cannot really say the reason why - but we love this city. Every time we are there, it is different but equally amazing! In general, we are not big city fans. Normally, we prefer nature and quiet spots. But from time to time it is also quite nice to spoil yourself with some big cityoffers, right? There are some big (and smaller) cities in this world, we really like: Buenos Aires, Madrid, Cape Town, Wellington..... well, and Kuala Lumpur.

us in the Sri Ranganath Temple in Kajang where the darshan with Paramahamsa Vishwananda took place

Kuala Lumpur is not exactly a pretty city. But it is an incredable mixture of culture and religions. In all the different parts of town there is a different vibe and it is changing all the time. So here we were again! Ready to have an amazing time again.

we had to shortly visit the towers

And so much about the changes. When we bought the bus ticket in the morning in Ipoh, we asked for a bus that will bring us to KL Sentral. Well, due to misunderstandings in emglish we had a ticket to KL, but to a bus station quite out of town. Well, we arrived in KL after 2,5 hours in again a freezing cold bus - but at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. It is a huge, modern looking clean bus terminal. But pretty far out of town. There is a trainstation close by, but we had to wait for a train for 30 minutes and the train to KL Sentral was packed. Thankful, we did not carry so much luggage, but still, with the 2 backpacks it was a bit "uncomfortable", to put it in nice words. In KL Sentral we took the metro to Masjid Jamek which was just 2 stops. This time we had booked our room in the Masjid Jamek area. Our last accomodation was at Bukit Bintang. It was nice, but we wanted a change. And how lucky we were. The 1000 Miles Hostel was such a great choice! On tripadvisor it is one of the best hostels in town - and yes that is true! It is amazingly clean, superfriendly staff, decent rooms, comfy beds, modern washrooms with pletny of hot water and good WIFI. All you need for a great price. Great also, that some sights are within walking distance and around the corner were some veg restaurants. So firstly, we had a fantastiv lunch in an indian restaurant with the most delicious chai we ever had.

fun time in the bird park

After lunch it was already time to get ready. Our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda was giving darshan in the Sri Renganathar Temple in Kajang (south of Kuala Lumpur) in the evening. So we got ready and during rush hour, we had to cath the metro to KL Sentral and then the train to Kajang. It was a long trip of 1 hour, but finally we arrived in Kajang from where we had to take a teksi to the temple. But finally we made it. The Sri Renganthar Temple is simply amazing and we highly recommend a visit to the temple even though it is a bit difficult to get there without your own transport. Darshan with our master was again so beautiful! What a great evening with him in this stunning temple. When darshan ended, it was shortly before midnight. He was giving interviews to some people and we were just enjoying the atmosphere in the temple. And then it was midnight - and the birthday of Markus! And in the end, he even got a personal birthday blessing of Paramahamsa Vishwananda! What a blessing! We were both super happy. One of the visitors of the darshan was so very kind to give us a lift back to KL in his car. It was already 4 am when we fell into our beds - dogtired! Next morning we had a lazy start with a breakfast in the hostel. Afterwards, Markus (even though it was his birthday) had to work a little bit and I, Nina went for a short walk around the nearby Merdeka and Petaling Street (China Town) before we both started exploring Little India. We bought some delicious sweets (oh we love the indian sweets like ladoos and burfi) and walked through the many different lanes. Finally, in need of a bathroom (not the most pleasant thing to look for in indian parts of towns ;-), we ended up in the touristic Central Market. We had a te tarik, walked around the stalls selling too expensive things to mainly tourists - and enjoyed a clean bathromm ;-). Finally we took the metro to Nanas Bukit from where we walked down to the Petronas Towers. This time, we only made "few" pictures (we must have a whole collection of the twoers already). This time it was great fun to observe a group of asian tourists, mainly ladies, taking "stylish" selfies. How funny was that! After a nice stroll through the adjacent park, we decided spontanously to celebrate Markus birthday on a special place. We were looking for a nice rooftop terrasse to enjoy a nice (alcoholfree) drink with a view of the towers. And we found a fantastic bar on top of the Traders Hotel. The even have a nice and clean pool up there. Unfortunately we did not bring our bathing clothes with us. But the lounge cushions, the view and the atmosphere were perfect and we really enjoyed the stunning scenery. And one surprise was about to come. The malaysian airforce was flying with 5 jets over the city and around the Petronas Towers. What a birthday surprise! It was really a spectacular view and feeling - the noise of the planes vibrated in our stomachs. And having this feeling high up on a skyscraper is really special. We ended this relaxing day with a walk back to our hostel over Bukit Nanas and a fantastic dinner in "our" indian restaurant.

the beautiful temple in Kajang

Next day we still had half a day for exploring the city. Unfortunately, this was not enough time to go to Batu Caves (we loved it there last time). So we walked up to the Botanical Garden and enjoyed some fresh juices in the restaurant of the Bird's Park. We like this restaurant (we never had food there, but juices are great) for it's chilling atmosphere in nature and the nosy birds who always come to the tables to steal some food. This is good fun and you see some nice birds for free! Later, we walked back to town to get our stuff and head to the airport. We took the airport bus leaving at KL Sentral which is still the cheapest and easiest option to reach the airport. The KLIA express is fast, but costs more then a teksi for 2 people or more. So the bus is a good choice. It took us 1 hour and we reached the airport.

And then it was time to say goodbye to Malaysia for now. We hope to come back really soon to see our new friends again. It was such a lovely time with all of you! Originally, we had planned to spend some more days here and to visit the island if Tioman. But office issues kept us busy and we had to go back. We had a supercheap flight with Air Asia to Singapore. From there it was a 12 hour flight to Istanbul and again a 3 hour flight to Zurich. To be honest, we were so tired of all that happend during this most amazing 9 days, we slept throughout the whole journey. :-)

It was a crazy trip for 9 days only but it was worth every second thanks to our guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda! We have no words for what he did for us and for our gratitude! What a fantastic honeymoon........

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