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Singapore - our honeymoon starts

A month after our wedding it was time for our honeymoon. Our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda is currently travelling through Asia for quite some time - so we took the chance and booked a dirt cheap flight with Turkish Airlines to Singapore. His teaching is "Just love" - well, and this is what a honeymoon is about. As he had married us, we really wanted to spend our honeymoon with him.

back in Singapore after 6 years

So enough good reasons to start our short honeymoon of only 9 days with a 18 hour journey to Singapore. But the journey went smooth and finally we arrived early in the evening. Well, Singapore.... I, Nina, had been here 6 years ago. In 5 days I had really seen a lot of Singapore and to be honest, it was not my favourite city. It was not that I did not really like the city, but for me it lacked atmosphere. I was looking for the asian feeling at that time. Whatever I expected it to be liked - I did not find it in Singapore. But it felt good to give Singapore a second chance.

delicious Thali in the MTR Restaurant in Little India

We had found a cheap deal for a hotel room and it turned out to be a lucky punch. Located near the Lavender MRT station (the MRT you can reach easily directly from the airport) the Snow Hotel was close to the CBD and in walking distance to Little India. The room was tiny, but super clean and quiet (considering you are in the middle of a huge city). Staff was friendly and it was really cheap for singaporean standards. So everything started smooth. We were tired after the long flight and quickly walked through Little India in search of some food. Luck was with us when we found the MTR Restaurant on Serangoon Road which was just voted "Best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore" from different online portals. It was reallypacked with people but we quickly got a table anyway. And food was amazing and pure veg. We were happy! After a walk through the night markets in Little India we called it a night. Next morning we got up early. It was time to explore the city. We started at the Marina Bay. This area is indeed beautiful. We visited the Merlion, walked along the Singapore River. In the morning the area around Clarks Quay was really desserted. So it was hard to find a decent spot for a second breakfast. But on the New Bridge Road we found the lovely cafe "Wanna Cup" where we enjoyed delicious coffee. Of course we visited the Raffles Hotel, walked around the Padang Singapore and finally visited the Sultan Masjid. It was a day packed with sightseeing. But it was time now to get ready for our highlight in Singapore. Our spiritual master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda was giving Darshan in the Lakshmi Narayana Temple in Chander Road in Little India. We quickly got ready and walked there. It was a nice temple and we were so happy to meet all the devotees of Singapore, a small but lovely little spiritual family was already waiting for us. We had a wonderful time together and the darshan with Paramahamsa Vishwananda was amazing.

one of the golden moments with our spiritual master

How happy we were when we heard that a lot of our new friends were also travelling to Malaysia with us the next day. Happily and filled with a huge dose of love we walked back to our hotel for a short night. Our next destination was already waiting for us.

What a great start into our honeymoon! And I finally found peace with Singapore - still the city is nice but lacking atmosphere. But, as always, it is all about the people you meet. And we have met so wonderful people that we look forward to returning to Singapore one day!

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