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Switzerland - climbing Weissmies (4.017m) and visiting Zermatt

Finally, the weather forecast was quite good - after all the rainy weekends in july it was time for our first attempt to climb one of the high mountains (over 4.000m) in Switzerland this year.

on top of Weissmies

As we are currently quite busy with work, we decided to start early in the morning on Saturday. We got up at 4 am, went by car to Saas Grund and got into the first cablecar at 7.30 am which brought us up to Hohsaas. We were quite tired but the clear blue sky, the sunshine and the snowcapped Weissmies with its glacier woke us up. It was a real adrenalin rush. We started our ascend over the amazing glacier. There were lots of crevaces, seracs and incredibly beautiful ice formations. The ascend was easy but due to the high altitude and our lack of a long sleep the night before we were suffering a bit on the last meters till we reached the top. But it took us only 3 hours - we were on time. There was an icy wind on top but the view was simply amazing. We could see the amazing mountains and glaciers of the Valais. And, of course, we were proud to have reached the top.

some fellow climbers

On our way down we stopped more often to enjoy the views over the alps. Beeing back in Hohsaas we were really tired. We sat on the terrace, drinking some strong coffee and admiring the Weissmies from below. It is a really nice tour which can easily be done in a day. For the night we stayed in a small hotel in der Rhone Valley. Due to our sour muscles we went to Zermatt on Sunday for a relaxing stroll. As Nina has never been there before, we felt like tourists in our own country. Zermatt itself was crowded with people from all over the world. But we walked outside the village up to Z'Mutt, a small mountain village with only a few old houses and great views of the famous Matterhorn. Well, the weather was to bad to see the mountain, but it was a peaceful place and we enjoyed some time realaxing in the hut. The village itself is not what we are looking for - to many people, to much noise..... But the surrounding mountains and glaciers are beautiful and we will surely come back for a nice tour. The next mountain is waiting :-) for us.

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