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Thailand - Koh Bulon and the dead coral reef

It was time to hit the beach - and we were ready for some island hopping. It was quite hard to decide on which island to start. We decided to start on Koh Bulon. Why? We wanted to go to an island that is not crowded with tourists, be it overnight or on day trips and Koh Bulon seemed to be the right choice. We also hoped for some decent snorkelling right off the beach. Off we went by minibus from Trang to Pakbara. From here it is easy to get a speed boat to Koh Bulon at midday. It was a pleasant speedboat ride for 1 hour till we had to change to a small local boat. Koh Bulon does not have a pier and the small local boats brought us right on the beach.

Thailand beach life - too good to be true

Arriving on the island is like arriving in paradies. From the sea you can see some small, simple bungalows right on the beach, a lot of jungle and cristal clear water. Perfect. We had no idea where to stay. The Bulone Resort was a bit busy for us as most of the tourists seem to settle down here. So we decided to give some accomodation in the village a try. But by just walking a few steps away from the beach we were already attacked by mosquitos. Change of plans! Although it was the most expensive alternative, we ended up in the Pansand Resort and were happy with that. It was still affordable, very peaceful and we got a bungalow right on the beach without mosquitos - and it had the cheapest beers on the island! Good choice ;-).

What a beautiful lizzard!

As the weather was really bad and stormy, we covered ourselves with mosquito repellent and were ready for a walk to the village and to the Mango Bay. The island is really beautiful with some relaxing places in the small village. But it is indeed covered with mosquitos. Even during day time and despite all the mosquito repellent we were still atacked by them. So we were really happy with our choice of accomodation. At night we could hear all the noises in the jungle - wonderful. That was exactly what we had been looking for.

paradies found

The next day we were ready for some snorkelling. The storm was gone and the water was turquoise and inviting. But what a shock. All we found - and you can believe us, we tried different snorkelling spots on the island - was dead coral. It was black and grey. There were very few fishes - but lots of jellyfish. We really loved the island, but snorkelling was just a big disappointment. After lunch we just spent our time on the empty and beautiful beaches. A nice sunset made our day and let us forget the bad snorkelling experience here. The next day, we were lucky to spot some nice, big lizards. They had amazing skin! Spending some time taking pictures of them and relaxing on the beach was the perfect thing to do here. But, be careful of the crabs here. By having a swim, I was attacked by a small crab which bit me in my shoulder. What a funny guy. It did not really hurt, but this guy did not want to go away (seemed to love my shoulder).

Koh Bulon was a perfect little island to relax for 2 days and 2 nights. The beach is amazing, the nature just stunning. And, indeed, there are only few tourists, all in search for some quiet time in Thailand. But it is definitely not a place for snorkelling. Now, it was time for snorkelling - it was time for the next island...

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